About Me

I am currently a Research Scientist at Global TIES for Children at New York University. I have a PhD from the Psychology and Social Intervention Program at New York University and a B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University.  Between college and graduate school, I worked at the Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies, and in Dhaka, Bangladesh to begin the development of Kaan Pete Roi, Bangladesh’s first emotional support and suicide prevention helpline.

Broadly, my work and research examines how people respond to violence, both in their every day lives and in their group’s histories, and how belonging to certain social groups influence those responses. I examine the ethics and implementation of mental health and conflict-reduction interventions in a variety of different settings.

A Purple Picnic Table is a series of blog posts about my life in Brooklyn, living with my friend Kate and our children.

To contact me, please email me at yi330@nyu.edu. You can also find me on Instagram