Wrapping Up

With just about two weeks until I head to New York, it’s time to start wrapping up. The two weeks will of course be insanely busy. I’ll be KPR’s night shift tomorrow, which is the day before Eid. Next week is my last official work week at KPR, which will be a crazy mess of […]

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Photo Break

Radio Foorti pictures! My first ever radio show. My new favourite form of media is definitely radio. I need a radio show of my own, this much is for sure.

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Radio Foorti!

Going along with the I heart Anik Bhai theme, we’re joining him on his radio show, Backbenchers United with Anik Khan – Live at Radio Foorti 88.0FM. LIVE at 12 am Monday the 5th (late night Sunday), Dhaka time. That’s 2pm Sunday Eastern Time. Live stream here.

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General awesomeness.

I love the fact that the people who are closest to me in the world are all over the world, doing all kinds of different things, and being awesome at what they do. Steven Lydon’s latest article is here.

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Photo Break

I have stolen this post-Young Nite picture from Anik Bhai. Why do I heart Anik Bhai? Because someone commented on his Facebook status about the show and asked, “Is this Yeshim Iqbal Zafar Iqbal’s daughter?” and he responded, “This Yeshim Iqbal is Kaan Pete Roi’s founder.” Best. Best!

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Facebook Posts

For those of you who can read Bangla, I love these posts that go up from KPR’s Facebook page. They make us sound so fancy. আগামিকাল বৃহস্পতিবার মাঝরাত পেরিয়ে শুক্রবার, ২ অগাস্ট, কান পেতে রই এর পক্ষ থেকে ইয়েশিম ইকবাল এবং হাম্মাদ আলী আরো একবার আসছেন Young Nite at ATN News TV এ, ঠিক রাত […]

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Young Nite, Take 2!

To my utter delight, Anik Bhai called me up yesterday to ask if we want to do a follow-up show to the first one we did on Young Nite back in May. Obviously, we grabbed that up like a hot cake. See Hammad and I LIVE on Friday, August 2nd, 1 am, Dhaka time (late […]

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Photo Break!

We went to Bashundhara City to watch Man of Steel 3D. We got there just before iftar and went to the food court to eat before the movie. I suppose what happens is, everyone who’s in the mall to shop (and it’s a HUGE mall, and it’s two weeks before Eid so that’s a LOT […]

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Talk Show Time!

See me chit-chat about KPR and flash my winning smile LIVE on Ekushey TV on Wednesday, July 24th, at 12pm Dhaka time. (That’s 2 am Eastern Time. Or 8am Paris time. You know, if you just happen to be in Paris.) You can watch the live stream here.

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