Wrapping Up

With just about two weeks until I head to New York, it’s time to start wrapping up. The two weeks will of course be insanely busy. I’ll be KPR’s night shift tomorrow, which is the day before Eid. Next week is my last official work week at KPR, which will be a crazy mess of trying to finish off everything that needs to be finished, even though there’s a 48-hour hartal in the middle of the week. (Jamaat’s a lil pissed that THEIR REGISTRATION HAS BEEN CANCELED, YEAHHHHHHH WHOOOOOOO!)

We’ll also be busy all week preparing for the weekend, which is our massive “100 days of Kaan Pete Roi” celebration event (think crowds, paparazzi, acoustic guitar performances) AND the KPR-volunteer party/Yeshim’s going away party my parents are throwing (think exclusive, red carpet, KPR volunteers ONLY). And then a few days of me and Ammu arguing incessantly and me sniffling on her shoulder while I try to fit everything I want into the one suitcase I am bringing with me, and then I’m off!


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