Big Victories – Late night shifts!

Last night was KPR’s second late-night shift, the first one I wasn’t physically present for. I had some completely unreasonable terror going on that something would happen to the people on shift – not from the perspective of the callers, by now I know that the volunteers have that under control – but I kept envisioning someone falling over in the middle of the night and cracking their head open and it all being my fault somehow.

(Obviously, this makes no sense. I am of course not present for every shift anymore, and it doesn’t make sense that people would be more likely to fall over in the night than in the day. Or that I would be able to catch them if I was around when they fell over. Okay, so I have some unreasonable anxiety surrounding the well-being of my volunteers. So what.)

But I received no emergency calls in the night, and my morning texts to inquire how it went told me that everything was fine. Calls came in, everyone’s okay, and the night went smoothly.

KPR is open late at night! In Dhaka city! We did it, just like we said we would! I feel an incredible sense of victory.


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