Info Talk

I’m in Sylhet for the weekend, and I just got home from an info talk about KPR in one of the girls’ dorms at SUST. Ammu used to be provost in these dorms, so she came with and joined in the discussion. This was the first time my mother was with me when I was talking to a large group of people, and in classic Ammu-style she’d often take over the conversation, but it was actually really fun to have her. It’s kind of awesome to see how much the girls love her, and makes me cross my fingers to be like that some day.

My hope for these sorts of talks, where I can refer to the flyers that they’ve maybe seen on campus, is simply to explain a little more about what we do, and reassure them that KPR’s real and might be of help if they want to give us a chance. Who knows if it worked, but I always enjoy getting to talk about it.


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