The Last Tuesday of Sunday-Monday-Tuesday

It’s official!

Starting next week (from the 14th of July), KPR is open five days a week, including late at night on Thursday!

New Hours, Beginning July 14th:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3pm – 9pm
Thursday: 9pm – 3am.

This means that today was the last day of the set of shifts we first started with. The last Tuesday of Sunday Monday Tuesday. The last Mongol of “Robi Shom Mongol, tinta theke noyta.” The office was as busy today as I’ve ever seen it – invited guests visiting, calls coming in, and trainees doing individual work with management and senior volunteers. It was a good day on which to close chapter one of KPR shifts.

And now, chapter two! Open five days a week! AND a late night! We’re for real!

It wasn’t trivial, making this happen. Training the new groups. Arranging how late night logistics will work for shift coverage. Ensuring that every shift will have a backup supervisor, an on-call person in case there’s some sort of emergency with the regular supervisors. Ramadan in two days, so plans for iftar for volunteers on evening shifts.

But hey, we did it. Getting more real, every day.


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