I am sorry that “damp” gets an entire blog post, but it does. My office is damp. “My office is damp,” and I’m not just telling you, I’m whining, and my lips are trembly, and I’m very cranky indeed.

It’s damp. This was not a problem in the winter when it was dry. But now, it’s damp. We got a few things framed – that first story on us that came out in New Age, a “We Can Do It” Rosie the Riveter poster for motivation, a piece of artwork someone gave us from Australia. We put up a “Please Wash Your Own Dishes” sign in the kitchen.

I first noticed something was wrong because there seemed to be a little bit of greenish fuzz on the wash your dishes sign. I figured it couldn’t be that big a deal, maybe some sort of splatter from people washing their dishes. Next was a newspaper in the front room. I picked it up to throw it away and realized that it was – well, damp. As if someone had dipped it in water a little while ago. A few days later, I go back to the sign in the kitchen and it’s basically entirely covered in fungus! I rush over to our artwork in a panic. The New Age story, nice and flat when it was framed, is all wavy and wet looking; I look at the back and it’s covered in fungus! I look at Rosie in a panic, and her face has fungus all over it! (the riveter, not Rozy). Starting to think that my own office was going to eat me, I put a hand on the wall and my hand comes off – well, damp!

How did this happen?! How is it possible? The walls are wet. Literally, wet! What is going on?!?! What are we supposed to do about this?! What do you do when your office is damp?!

I managed to train a first group of volunteers through a Hefajot siege, but damp in the office is really messing me up.

I would have put up a photo break picture of something affected by the damp, but it’s too gross.

(The damp isn’t actually affecting our work in any way. It’s just weird. Also, people here use the word “damp” as a noun, not an adjective. Like, “The damp is there.” I like this; I think it sounds appropriately sinister.)


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