Training continues!

Training 3 was last weekend. For various reasons, we had a much smaller group than usual, but it was still fun of course. The people who are coming in are starting to be more diverse. For me it was extra fun because this was the first training where we brought in “senior volunteers” to talk about real-life calls and do the role plays. I got to kick back a little and watch them take over. Feeling like a proud mother hen.

It was also exciting because this was the training that will let us start to open up shifts. Let’s be real, Sunday Monday Tuesday is FINE…but wouldn’t five days a week be better? We’re on it.

This is particularly funny because there’s a lot of talk about why we are only three days a week. Why aren’t we open longer than that, people question. This amuses me very much. A few weeks ago the service didn’t exist, and now suddenly we’re not open for enough hours. Of course, 24 hours is the goal. It’s just a matter of time.

July 5th-6th is Training 4, the last training that I plan on doing this summer. Possibly the last training that I do at all. It is ridiculous to think about, but – when I return to Dhaka in December, KPR will have been taking calls for months and months, and they will know much more about how to do this than I will. I will no longer be the expert. I will just visit, and drink tea in the office.


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