Grad school

Well, it’s settled. Back to the U.S. I go, for grad school! This fall. I didn’t want to put anything on here until I had told everyone in person, but now that’s done, so I suppose it’s time that I admit it’s happening.

I also didn’t want to say anything while I was still concerned about whether or not KPR would hold itself up if I left, but, to my delight, I no longer have doubts about that either.

I’m very excited to be a student again. I will be attending NYU’s Psychology and Social Intervention doctorate program. It’s been awhile, since I’ve done classes and books and regular student-like things.

I have a very difficult time leaving, saying goodbyes to peoples and places that I love. KPR owns my heart in a way that nothing ever has before. I’ll always be back, but I’m dreading this goodbye already.


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