A squiggle that looks like a 33

The first ever KPR party, just to celebrate the fact that we exist, was planned in not-so-subtle whispers in the KPR kitchen. There were giggles and “shhh” jabs in each others’ stomachs if I happened to walk in.

KPR management were told to show up at the office on Thursday evening. KPR volunteers took care of the rest.

It was a Proper Party indeed. There were balloons. There was music. There were live performances by exceptionally talented volunteers. There were embarrassing games. There were impressive speeches. A rumble almost went down when Rozy suggested that clearly it was the first batch, not the second, doing all the work. Photos were taken and copious amounts of food consumed.

There’s a level of respect and affection for Rozy and Hammad and I that tickles and continues to surprise me. I suppose in Hammad’s case it makes sense; many of them are his students, he is the revered “Hammad Sir.” For me, though, it just tickles. Three plates of food, for instance, were delicately prepared for the three of us; the volunteers ate off of napkins.

Here’s the Kaan Pete Roi cake. The squiggle that looks like a 33 is meant to be an ear. A kaan. Many an emotion was expressed by many a volunteer because of the perceived shoddy quality of this depiction.

For me, though, this is the prettiest ear, or 33, that I’ve ever seen. It actually might be the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, period.


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