Little Things at KPR that Make Me Happy

1. Returning after having traveled for a few days to see that someone has put stickers on the fridge.

2. Seeing a volunteer, during her downtime, studying one of my Psychology textbooks from Cornell (I’d brought in all my textbooks, in case anyone’s interested.) 

3. Volunteers teaming up to help with data entry, staying a full hour after their regular shift has ended to get the work done. 

4. The Thank You board (a pin board in the phoneroom, where anyone who has a good experience with a caller can write their thoughts) starting to fill up, people having to squeeze to make their their little rectangle of paper fit in with everyone else’s. 

5. Rozy yelling, “Ice cream khabi!?” from the kitchen.

6. Volunteers crowding into the staffroom and sitting themselves down on the floor to help Rozy and I with whatever we’re working on.

7. The gasp –> giggle response we now all share whenever there’s the loud boom! of a mango falling on the roof.

8. Laughing uncontrollably when Rozy and Hammad and I are together in the staffroom.

9. The fact that I can say “staffroom” and “phoneroom” and they’re real things!

10. The fact that for the first time in my experience, a “Please do your own dishes and keep the kitchen clean!” sign seems to work!

11. The fact that a “Please knock before you open this door so you don’t hit anyone on the other side!” sign is ignored COMPLETELY, but nobody has been severely injured yet!


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