Extra Hours This Week!

Because SSC results time can be a difficult time for many of us, Kaan Pete Roi is open for extra hours this week.

Thursday, May 9th: 3-9pm
Friday, May 10th: 3-9pm
Saturday, May 11th: 3-9pm

Please call:
Grameenphone: 01779554391, 01779554392
Airtel: 01688709965, 01688709966
Banglalink: 01985275286
Robi: 01852035634

For more information, feel free to visit:


2 thoughts on “Extra Hours This Week!

  1. Hey, do you guys provide emotional support only for individuals seeking to commit suicide? Is there extra help available for, lets say teenagers fighting depression as a consequence of bad grades?

  2. Hi Nila,

    Thanks for your question! Kaan Pete Roi provides support to anyone who is in distress due to academic, financial, or various personal issues, whether or not they are feeling suicidal.



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