We did it!

We did it!

The phones were ringing!

The first ever day of KPR lines open has happened!

The phones weren’t ringing off the hook, but each volunteer took at least a call or two. Considering we basically only publicized this through email (and email culture is MUCH less prevalent in Bangladesh than in the U.S.) and Facebook to start off with, this was perfectly fine. Mostly just people inquiring about the service and thanking us for setting it up, but a few more serious calls as well.

We did it!

Now there’s all the upcoming shifts, organizing incoming data, more training, opening more shifts, hiring more staff, recruiting more volunteers, taking publicity up a couple notches…but I will get to all that tomorrow. Tonight, I am going to allow myself to feel very, very satisfied, and I am going to sleep, and sleep, and sleep.

We did it!


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