A building collapsed…

…in Savar and killed at least 100 people. Injured hundreds. More still trapped.

The building cracked yesterday. The workers didn’t want to go in there today. They were forced to.

I don’t know why I write these words. I didn’t write anything about the Boston Marathon incident. Or the little 5 year old girl in Delhi. Not that anything is ever comparable to any other thing. I told myself I can’t write one of these inane, useless posts every time, because they are so inane and useless. I suppose this is my version of the status updates that are probably going all over Facebook right now.

I don’t know.

Tomorrow, I will begin to look into the structure of what is done for labour rights in the garments industry in Bangladesh, to figure out what I can do. Knowing how I need to drop all my rage somewhere, this probably means I will just be at a lot of protests in the next few days, but I am writing these words to hold myself to doing more than that. Maybe there is a place for me. Maybe I can use my knowledge of English. Or KPR. Or something. Anything. I am tired of my own and everyone else’s inane, useless words.

I am going to ask the question, “What am I supposed to do?” to everyone I know. Maybe someone knows.

Please tell me, if you know.


One thought on “A building collapsed…

  1. I was asking the same question to myself…..What can I do to stop this mass killing? Fiirst thing came to my mind, some one has to file a cpmplaint against BGMEA and the owner of the buidling. http://www.bgmea.com.bd. The Enginnering association must take action to cancel the practicing permit of the engineer and the responsible contractor also. I am writing a letter to humanright.org to enforce certain rules form the North American buyers to the tender bidder garments. Every time I check the tag of a cloth which says made in Bangladesh, it used to make be pround, now I do not know what I will feel.

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