1971 War Criminals Trial

Yesterday Bangladesh’s war crimes tribunal gave its first verdict on the individuals on trial for large-scale atrocities – the death sentence to Bachchu Razakar.

I have been reading articles on a variety of international news sites, just to see what they say. I’m seeing phrases such as “controversial” and “not endorsed by the UN” and “politically motivated.”

For any of my friends who don’t know a lot about the history of Bangladesh, who might have seen something like this, and wondered, briefly, what is going on, I’ll try and be clear about how I feel. I didn’t live through this war like my parents did. But I still know that there is no “controversy.” These people are murderers. They are rapists. “Razakar” is a dirty word. They don’t, actually, deserve the respect of the trial that they have been given. Other countries can whine about it all they want and say things like “transparency?”. Lot of “transparency” there was in 1971, thanks. We do not need you to interfere in our judicial process now.

But of course I’m just emotional, so perhaps I shouldn’t be trusted. So if you have just a little bit of time to read, click here. My dad wrote this book. But I’m comfortable pointing people to this anyway to learn about the history of Bangladesh, because every single fact in here has a reference, so it is really just a compilation of information. And it’s short! My apologies in advance if the translation isn’t good.


One thought on “1971 War Criminals Trial

  1. Bacchu rajakar is one of those people who in a different country, in a different time, would probably be a paedophile/serial killer/rapist. Lucky for him, 71 happened and he got to let out all his inner perversions on innocent men, women and kids. This man did some things that are too nauseating to even talk about, and no one mentioned a word of “justice” back then.

    There is no politics involved here, anymore than there is politics involved in demanding the trial of a murder. There men are not politicians, they are a lot of butchers. Sure, they hide behind the cloak of respectable politics and/or theology now, but the slightest opportunity will get them to reveal their true selves – animals who use ideologies for personal gain. It is no coincidence that the countries that are all up in arms about “fair trials” now, are the very ones who did not support our liberation war, and did not, for the longest time, recognize Bangladesh as a free state. They never wanted us to be a free land, but today we are. And today we are out to settle old scores. And we do not need their approval!

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