Victories! And fun stuff.

Small victories!

1. Office Curtains! Bright green and yellow, with bits of orange and blue. Of course, we misread Swapan Bhai’s measurements note, and bought the wrong number of curtains, so two windows are still lacking curtains, so we’re going to have to go back to New Market.

2. Furniture! For the reception area, adorable little couches and chairs and a coffee table. Of course, Nabil and I CNG-ed it over the day I had to pay and arrange the delivery, and then Nabil just sort of wandered around in the back, DESERTING ME, while I had to talk to the furniture guy and the delivery guy. The furniture guy said, “Here’s the delivery guy. Decide on a price.” and smirked, because of course he knew I had no idea how much it was supposed to be. Hell, I hadn’t even realized that that negotiation was going to go down. When we had come earlier to choose the furniture, Rozy and Hammad had very capably handled the situation, while I had bounced up and down on the couches. Anyway, I said stupidly, well how much is it usually (which of course was the stupidest thing, NEVER go in without knowing how much it should be). The delivery guy said, 400, and smirked. Which to me seemed very reasonable, considering that the delivery guy was old, and he’s bringing the furniture and it’s not like he’s bringing it in a car for heaven’s sake (it’s a bike-pulled furniture delivery situation, the correct English words are failing me right now.) Anyway, it seemed reasonable, so I was like, okay fine, and furniture guy just kept smirking.

3. Internet! Of course, once we, and by we I mean Hammad, figured out which provider we should be going with, and went to the office for the guys to set it up, we weirdly kept getting locked inside/outside our own office because of a confusing guard situation. You know what, I’m not even going to attempt to describe what happened that day, because it was really, really confusing. Let’s just say that anytime anyone wanted to go anywhere, the door/gate/window they would have used was mysteriously locked, and you’d have to run around and panic to figure out a way to unlock it. It was the oddest thing. It won’t happen again. I hope.

4. Promotional videos, thank you cards, ID cards. My cousin Rebecca is the queen of the world, forever and ever, except she wants to be called “Grand Vizier” when it comes to KPR. (Think Jafar from Aladdin.)

You may be wondering when the bigger victories are. Like, um, when are we taking calls? We had originally envisioned January. For a variety of reasons, of course, that didn’t happen. Now we’re shooting for early March. Turns out things take longer than you want them to, always. But hey, hey, we’re interviewing our first batch of volunteers this week! And training them in the next few weeks, by golly. Stay tuned. As per uzh, we recently met with Pranto Bhai, his pregnant cat leaping extraordinarily high onto my lap while we were talking. And as per uzh, I am much reassured after talking to him that this is really happening.

It’s also just been a lovely, busy time outside of KPR. I love, love, love being here, so much. Among other things, I have had the pleasure of: hanging out with my oldest, oldest friends; going to the Shaheed Minar on 16th December with the family, all dressed in red and green; attending Ammu’s International Conference on Advances in Physics 2013 at SUST, where Nabil had a talk; wandering in Sylhet with Rebecca and eating mounds of bhapa pitha; going to a Krishnokoli concert (that woman is a goddess); going to the Dhaka Regional Math Olympiad with Abbu and Hammad and Rozy, going to the opening of the 6th International Children’s Film Festival in Dhaka; attending a protest against gender-based violence, shopping with Rebecca at Bongo Bazar (where all the clothes that weren’t exported for whatever reason are sold); playing DDR in my living room late at night because Nabil brought my dad a Makey-Makey; getting an obscenely luxurious mani-pedi. It is just the best. I have forgiven the traffic.


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