Power through, by golly.

Hammad: I read your blog yesterday
and nothing we do will probably fill the void of Becca and Alex
but we got your back, promise

You see?! This is why I don’t worry a bit.

Hammad’s a senior CSE lecturer at BRACU, and had emailed me months ago with an offer to help. Rozy and I headed over to the university today to talk to him about training volunteers. (Can I just say that I love, love, love universities? I realize that with the exception of a few years in Dhaka before I went to Cornell, I have lived in or by a university all my life. There is something about the fact that everyone’s there to learn or help others learn. Remember Olin library? And how we’d work and work and work and work and stop to drink coffee and work and work and work? Nothing, ever, will be better.)

Anyway, thanks to Hammad’s cheerily actually writing numbers down on a piece of paper in someone’s random cubicle that he assured us it was okay to sit in, there’s a plan. I’ve been vague, I’m sorry to say. “How many volunteers do you need?” someone will ask, and I’ll respond, “Well, yeah, that’s a good question and it’s really hard to say, you know, because, like, I know how many open shifts we’ll have to start with, but, it depends on how many calls we get, which we, like, don’t know yet? And, like, won’t know until we figure out how big we publicize? And, like.”

But apparently you can actually attach numbers to things. Who’da thought! This is very satisfying. And slightly sad, because I had this image of us training all these volunteers RIGHT NOW and magically launching Kaan Pete Roi early in the new year. Which as it turns out is sort of wrong, for various reasons. But even my magical thinking was only off by a couple weeks! No matter! Now there are dates for things in mind, by golly. Power through!

Want to be a volunteer? I know you’re out there, my Bangladeshi readership is steadily growing! Email volunteer@shuni.org, and I’ll send you the application.


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