I want Becca Distefano to come manage things with me.

me: what should i blog about
Rebecca: how much you miss me
me: okay.
Rebecca: hehe

(Becca, you probably thought I was joking when I said “okay.”) Seriously, though, Becca and I were talking awhile ago about how I keep doing this thing where I train people to take over my job. I did it with Becca. Now I’m going to do it with multiple people here, I hope, so that Kaan Pete Roi doesn’t become a personality-centered organization, because that would be a disaster. It needs to not fall apart when I leave. People have said this to me with enough concern that now I’m worried, even though initially I wasn’t. Just teach people what I know, and they teach other people, and other people teach more people, and it’s fine.


Who knows. In a moment of doubt, I once said to Pranto Bhai, “Is this going to happen?” And he said, “It HAS to happen. It can’t not happen. It will happen, because it has to.” So yes, who knows, but I do know that all the people that I’ve been working with here have been nothing short of amazing.

And yet, nothing, no one, ever, will be quite as wonderful as working with Becca in the Carey Lab. I think for all of my life wherever I work anywhere, I will always hold it up next to lab-managering with Becca and Alex. Enthusiasm, dedication, and unquestioning, unconditional rushing over to help. It’s funny, because for the most part, I taught them all about the job and such, and now, working with new people across the world, living in a different time and language, riding in a rickshaw instead of on the T? All I want to do is be like them.


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