Hello, “Helpline Coordinator!”

And I have hired my very first full-time helpline staff member! I tower over her monster-like (like I do with most Bangladeshi women, I’m mutant tall here) but Rozina’s handshake is solid and her smile is friendly.

The “Helpline Coordinator” job description worked! She saw it, she applied, I interviewed her (sort of, really we just talked), I thought she was great, I called her that night to offer her the job, she accepted, and today we signed a contract! And established that we don’t need to call each other apni, and she can call me Yeshim, and I can call her Rozy.

The contract is really just a formality, but it’s one that makes sense of course. It’s not like we have a proper set-up organization yet, but the contract still seemed to make sense. I’m completely new to this, contract-signing in Bangladesh, but luckily there’s people like Jaynal Uncle around. You know those people in the world who just know how to do everything? He reminds me of Lucius Fox in Batman. He made the thing, listing the conditions of her employment, and ran it by us, and we had an adorable little contract-signing ceremony this morning.

So now I have a full-time staff member working with me! As usual, both exciting and terrifying. We’re setting out next week to find our office space. Dhanmondi and Lalmatia here we come. Ain’t no craigslist in Dhaka (actually there is but I don’t think it works the same way) so this is going to be interesting.



5 thoughts on “Hello, “Helpline Coordinator!”

    1. Thanks guys! It’s mostly being advertised through various online networks and list servers, although my understanding is that it’s gone up in the Psychology department of Dhaka University as well. We’re leaving it public, because we’ll eventually want to hire more staff.

      Hey, If I can survive a walk from Old Dhaka to Gulistan, I think I’ll make it to Dhanmondi! I’ll keep you updated :)

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