Gettin’ Somewhere

Typically, articles about Bangladesh make me sad and piss me off. Sad because oftentimes the terrible things they’re saying are true. Pissed off because even if they are true, you didn’t need to say it that way. Bangladesh is way too often used as a let’s-nonsensically-compare-to-this-sad-little-third-world-poor-place yardstick, because it’s SO VERY ripped up by poverty, cyclones, and screwed up politics. I know (do I really know or am I just saying I do) that I’m saying this from an extremely privileged place, and maybe that’s why I have my incessant optimism. 

But sometimes there’s an article like this, and, yes, I STILL get a little riled up because I think it’s condescending sometimes. But some of these facts, well some of them just make me grin and say, THAT’S why I’m so optimistic. Let me know what y’all think. 



2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Somewhere

  1. You know my thoughts on this, and how comparisons with Bangladesh are drawn far too arbitrarily to try and sensationalize academic writing.

    Good article though. We’ll write a better one, obviously.

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