The Best $213.00 Ever

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I want to have a blog, just to keep friends and family updated as I set out on this giant adventure of trying to start a suicide helpline. At the same time, it’s a little scary to actually start it, because then I’ll finally have to admit that even though I’m leaping into this with the utmost enthusiasm, I also don’t really have any idea what I’m doing.

But of course, that’s okay. That’s kind of how most things are anyway.

I have had the most beautiful reason to actually start writing, though!  I’ve been working as a lab manager at the Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies for the past couple absolutely fabulous years. Now I’m in the last two weeks of the job, wrapping up and mostly just sitting around, being happy that Becca is so awesome, and making unhelpful comments to her and everyone else. But, this past Tuesday, my co-lab managers, graduate students, and undergrads threw me the most INCREDIBLE going away party I could have ever asked for. On top of the fact that everyone was there with food and drinks and massive raspberry-chocolate cake and 45-minute long video about me (so of course at this point in the party I’m already giddy and incoherent, dropping grapes and tripping over myself), they also gave me TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN DOLLARS THAT THEY HAD RAISED FOR THE HELPLINE.

You know, I have a couple offers of funding and such. But this is the first time I’ve actually held anything in my hand. There is of course the fact that $213.00 is a significant amount of money in Bangladesh (for instance, we could use that to pay for internet for ~2 years). But much more importantly, I have this absolutely incredible gesture of love and support. Somehow, when someone actually says the words, “We love you and believe in you,” it tips the whole world in the direction of anything-is-possible.

Thank you, is what I’m saying. You guys are the first official donors, and I’m so glad it’s you! A particular and very special thank you to Rosemary Ziemnik, Rebecca Distefano, and Alex Bardis, who made it all happen.

Me very proudly holding my symbolic 213.

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